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Our Story

While we managed to solve the accounting headaches our users had, they still told us about their management nightmares.

Compliance was becoming confusing, expensive or tough to keep up with for some investors.

Managed investors often felt uninformed, they lost control of their cashflow, and they gave up a significant chunk of their investment returns.

Finding quality tenants, vetting them and on-boarding them was tediously time-consuming.

Doing it themselves meant you became a landlord, not an investor.

Some property managers who’re tasked with unburdening these property investors weren't meeting the expectations in delivery, reliability and simplicity that other industry services were offering.

Our Team

Aleks Dahlberg
CEO & Co-Founder
Sam Rutherford
DEO & Co-Founder
David Pipe
CTO & Co-Founder
Charles Blair
CFO & Director
Tom Nailard
Property Management
George Hercus
Property Management
Scott Finnigan
Frontend Developer

Our Advisors

Scott Mason
Senior tax Advisor FINDEX Angel Investor
Sarah Ramsay
Immersion Ventures Angel Investor
Glen Anderson
Ex Google , 11 Years Angel Investor
James Elloit
Property Investor