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You should only pay for the services you actually use

Typical Property Managers charge you 10% or more of your rent or high fixed fees to manage your property. These prices are designed to ensure that even if you have the most problematic tenants and they have to do heaps of work, they still make money. But most of the time, they’re doing less than 6 hours of work per year! We don’t think that’s fair to landlords like you.
At KITT, we don’t charge you extra just in case your property is lots of work… we charge a fair price for the services we actually provide. In all but the very worst of properties and the worst of tenancies, this works out much cheaper for you.

How Does KITT Work?

Instead of charging you a fixed fee or percentage of rents, we use a menu of costs based on the work we actually do. That gives you total transparency and almost always works out cheaper for you.

We charge a basic rate of $10/week per property for core property management services like collecting the rents, managing arrears and providing access to our best-in-class property management platform.

We think you could save a lot when you only pay for what you use.

How much could I save?

See how much you’re paying…
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What makes us different, what makes us better?

We use technology to create the best experience for our landlords and tenants. But that never means a compromise on service. You’ll always have fast and responsive access to you personal Property Manager who takes care of all aspects of your property.

Personal service where it matters

Our professional managers are partnered with powerful cloud-software that keeps you informed and saves you money. It’s our secret-sauce that increases transparency, efficiency and the time it takes to get things done.

We give you full say over how much you want to hear about what’s happening with your property and when you want to be involved in decisions about maintenance, tenancies, etc

Exceptional tools to manage your portfolio

Our exclusive software gives you a view of your investments like never before. Your landlord portal gives you.


Files & Images at your fingertips

on-demand access to leases,tenants, maintenance, etc

Perfect your financials

income & expense tracking and budgeting tools

Instant access to the right numbers

real time reports and tax information

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you provide great service at such low cost?

We’re not trying to be “cheap” – we’re trying to be fair. Traditional Property Managers charge a fortune and usually don’t have to do a lot of work. When we do work we charge a fair price for it. But when we don’t have to do things like relet the property or organise maintenance, don’t think you should pay for them.

We have also developed some of the best property management tools in the world that allow us to save money in delivering our service, without compromising on quality. We pass those savings on to you.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover all of Dunedin area from Mosgiel to Karitane.  We also cover other parts of the country like Christchurch and Wellington.

How do I know you’re any good?

Read what our clients have to say about us, talk to us, or try us out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

We’re experts at what we do. We’ve been developing real-estate software for more than 6 years, and our team is even advised by some of the best in financial services and technology from the likes of Findex and Google.

To deliver the best service to you and your tenants, we look for the best property managers around with decades of experience in the areas we work in.

Our founder team includes experienced property investors and long-time tenants. We built KITT to be the service we wish we’d always had.

Meet our Dunedin Team

Varsha Rani

Varsha Rani

Property Manager

Varsha has been managing investment properties since 2009 and is responsible for ensuring service quality
Charles Blair

Charles Blair

Property Manager

Charles has more than 7 years experience managing rental properties and leads service development at KITT.
Diana Kozhiyeva

Diana Kozhiyeva

Tenant Services Manager

Diana is our primary liaison with tenants and maintenance contractors.

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers

We get great results for our landlords and their investments.

“Engaging Kitt was a fantastic decision, I’ve got two properties with them now and everything is simple and straight forward. No complicated deals or contracts when I signed up and my tenants are settled and very happy. Happy tenants means a happy owner!”

Property Investors (2 Properties with KITT)

“Making the switch was obvious. Other companies didn’t even show their prices on their websites. Kitt did. We switched over 2 properties to Kitt. Their app show’s us things are being done and who’s in the properties. I rest easy at night knowing things are taken care of and knowing that I have excellent tenants.”

Property Investors (2 Properties with KITT)

“I started using KITT Property management in September last year. The team there have been great. No missed rent, through property inspections, and proactive maintenance.”


Property Investor (1 Property with KITT)

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