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KITT – your property management solution.

Switching to KITT

Signing up and how we can help you leave your old manager


How we find and keep the best tenants for your property

Caring for your home

How we manage your property inspections, maintenance, etc

Fair Pricing

Our revolutionary $10/week management fee and how we charge for extras


How we keep you informed about what’s happing with your property 

Saving Time & Money

How our service and technology helps you do more with less effort

Dedicated Team

Our team of property management professionals is with you all the way

Switching to KITT is easy!

Just fill in our online form and we’ll take it from there. Alternatively, schedule a call and we’ll take you through the sign-up.

Moving From Another Property Manager?

If you’re with another manager, we’ll handle the difficult conversation to let them know that we’ll be taking over. We’ll arrange for them to provide all the documents we need to make a seamless transition.

If you think you might be locked in a contract with another manager, talk to us and we’ll do what we can to resolve this with them.

No Lock-in Contracts

We never lock you in on a fixed term. We’re sure you’ll love KITT, but if you’re not happy, we don’t want to force you to stay.

Finding and Keeping Tenants

Finding the best tenants is critical to your success as a landlord. Good tenants pay their rent reliably, stay longer, and look after your property. To find the best tenants we do things differently.

  • We only use professional photography
  • We do open homes during evenings and weekends to ensure working applicants have an opportunity to see the place
  • We do multiple background checks for any applications before we make an offer

We’re also committed to making a better renting experience for tenants, and provide our proprietary tenants’ app to give access to KITT’s services.

Unlike some other managers, we never terminate a tenancy just so we can charge more in letting fees.


We automatically schedule regular inspections to ensure your ensure requirements are met and your home is being cared for. You’ll have full access to inspection reports through the KITT App.


Tenants can report maintenance issue through the KITT Tenants’ App, and provide photos and video of the issue. Depending on your preferences, we’ll get your approval first, or get on with organising the repair through our carefully selected team of tradespeople.

Full Service Property Management
at a Fair Price

We know our prices are extraordinary. They’re so good in fact that many of our customers have to check that they’re real! So before you ask…


  • Yes it really does cost just $10 per week for management
  • Yes, that’s full-service management like you would get from any traditional manager plus a lot more!
  • No, it’s not just software that leaves you to do all the work yourself.
  • We charge extra fees when we do occasional activities like inspections or new lettings, but these are fairly priced – usually about the same as a traditional property manager would charge for those as extras.
  • You really could save more than $2,000 per property per year!

How Much Do You Want to Hear From Us?

We understand that different owners want different levels of communication about what’s going on in their properties. But with traditional managers you tend to get the bare minimum because it takes time to send you updates.

Our systems are designed to be totally transparent and put you in control of how much you want to hear from us. Through the KITT App you can choose to receive updates monthly, weekly or even daily to let you know when things are happening with your property.

Saving You Time and Money

We get it. There’s a lot to do when you’re a property investor and it can be hard staying on top of it when you’re already busy. Traditional property managers tend to focus only on managing tenancies, leaving you to do the rest.

KITT is different. We want to provide you with a concierge-level service that takes care of all aspects of property investing. We’ll take care of your bills and compliance, organise your insurance, and (if you tell us to) we’ll only pester you when there’s something that really needs your attention.

You’ll save money too with our revolutionary pricing and the KITT App that makes it easier to be an investor with access to all your records in one place and built-in accounting.

Our Team, Dedicated to Your Success

At KITT we’re devoted to building the world’s best property management service. That’s a big task and to do it we have a team of technology experts who focus on building ground-breaking systems, and a team of property management professionals devoted to providing outstanding service to our landlords and tenants.

You’ll always have a dedicated property manager to contact whenever you need to discuss an issue with your property.

Your manager is supported by a team of specialists in areas like admin, accounting and tenancy services. Our systems have also been built to automate a lot of manual processes, allowing our managers to focus their effort where having a real person matters to you.

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