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$200.00 / month
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Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions we hear often.
How can you offer a good service at $200 per month?

For traditional agencies, property management is a highly profitable business and they can afford to be inefficient. They have multiple offices, staff cars and high administration costs.

With Kitt, we looked at things differently. Our team comes from both a real estate and software background and we’ve built our own highly automated systems that reduce our administrative overheads. These systems also allow us to provide an unparralled service to our clients.

What is your experience?

We’ve been developing both software and real estate for years, our team is even advised by some of the best in financial services and technology from the likes of Findex and even Google! In fact, one of the founders started his real estate journey at the age of 18!

How can I transfer to managed by Kitt?

Simple, click here and fill out a very short and simple form. We’ll then handle the transfer process with your old agent and send you your agreement to sign. If your previous agent has has a notice period, we’ll give that notice on your behalf.

Don’t worry, we charge you nothing until we start managing your property!