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  • This is an Agreement between KITT Property Management Limited (“KITT” or “the Agent”) and the Owner(s) named in the Schedule (“the Owner”).

    The Owner appoints KITT, for the term specified in clause 8 below, as the sole and exclusive agent of the Owner to manage the property(ies) described in the Schedule (together with the chattels specified in the Chattels Inventory supplied by the Owner called “the Property”) on the following terms and conditions, and KITT accepts such appointment on those terms and conditions:

    1. KITT is authorized to:
    a) Act as the Owner’s agent, under the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
    b) Manage any existing tenancies.
    c) Collect rents due and issues receipts for moneys collected.
    d) Advertise and arrange new tenancies as necessity arises; select tenants and sign Tenancy Agreements which accord with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 on the Owner’s behalf for such term as the Agent considers appropriate, not exceeding any termination date specified in writing by the Owner at any time.
    e) Exercise the Owner’s right to terminate tenancies; serve notices upon tenants; issue notice to terminate the tenancy; take such action against the tenants and do all such things necessary to commence and obtain an order for possession or an order to terminate the tenancy from the Tenancy Tribunal and any appeal arising therefrom.
    f) Collect a bond to be paid to the Tenancy Services Centre of the Department of Building and Housing on the Owner’s behalf and when the tenancy is terminated and after inspection of the Property by the Agent, to approve the refund to the tenant on the Owner’s account of all or part of such bond as the Agent in its discretion decides is fair and reasonable, in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. Where necessary to lodge claims against bond money under the rules of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
    g) Arrange such repairs and alterations to the Property that may in the Agent’s discretion from time to time be reasonably required to maintain the Property in good and tenantable order and condition. For each event the Agent is authorized to pay for such repairs and alternations including any required materials on the Owner’s account to the amount of the Maintenance Threshold (including GST) set in the schedule or such amount as is subsequently directed by the Owner. The Maintenance Threshold may be exceeded if, in the opinion of the Agent, such repairs are necessary to protect the property from damage or to maintain essential services to the tenants as required in their Tenancy Agreement.
    h) Bill its fees and reimbursements for moneys expended on the Owner’s account from rents and other moneys held on the Owner’s behalf.
    i) Represent their interests and to liaise on their behalf with the Owner’s insurance provider.

    2. KITT agrees to:
    a) Pay all outgoings and other payments agreed to be paid by the Agent on behalf of the Owner, including but not limited to repairs and maintenance, body corporate fees, rates, water rates, insurance premiums and other specified items.
    b) Send the Owner monthly invoices containing the Agent’s management fee and other moneys spent on the Owner’s behalf.
    c) Make inspections of the Property quarterly for the purpose of identifying and actioning maintenance and monitoring general upkeep, and provide a report to the Owner on such inspections.
    d) Make an inspection of the Property at the end of each tenancy to assess its condition.
    e) When required by the Owner, effect insurance claims under any Policy provided by the Owner.

    3. In consideration of KITT performing such services the owner will pay KITT fees in accordance with the current Schedule of Fees. Such fees may be varied from time to time at the sole discretion of the Agent with a minimum of 30 days’ notice.
    4. If at any time the fees and disbursements are in excess of the rents collected the owner hereby agrees to pay such excess to KITT promptly upon demand.
    5. The owner undertakes responsibility to ensure the premises and chattels are adequately insured. The Owner will provide copies of the insurance Schedule(s) to KITT and will inform KITT of any variation to the insurance for the premises and/or chattels.

    6. The owner acknowledges and agrees that:
    a) The Agent does not guarantee receipt of rent for the Property during the term of this Agreement unless the Agent has expressly given any such guarantee in writing to the Owner.
    b) The Agent does not guarantee the condition of the Property during the term of this Agreement.
    c) The Agent does not take any responsibility for any personal possessions stored on the Property which are not included in the Chattels Inventory.
    d) Unless expressly agreed in writing by the Agent, the Agent has no obligation to effect or maintain any insurance cover on the Property.
    7. The person(s) signing this agreement (“the Signatory”) as or on behalf of the owner warrant(s) and undertake(s) (and if more than one jointly and severally):
    a) that the signatory(ies) is/are the sole owner(s) of the Property, or if not, has/have the authority of all the owners of the Property to enter into this Agreement.
    b) that the signatory(ies) has/have read, understood and agreed to the terms of this Agreement and acknowledge(s) receipt of a copy.
    c) that the signatory(ies) has/have read the Schedule and certify(ies) that the information therein is correct and complete in all respects.
    d) that the Agent has been notified in writing of any matters affecting the Property which as required by law are to be disclosed to prospective or existing tenants and will notify the Agent in writing immediately any such matters arise.
    e) that the Property has received all required consents to permit its use as separate residential rental accommodation and complies with all requirements in respect of buildings, health and safety under any enactment so far as they apply to the Property and will ensure that it continues to so comply.
    f) to indemnify KITT against all costs, claims, damages, expenses, liabilities or proceedings whatsoever which may arise from the Agent acting for the Owner in accordance with this Agreement or from any breach by the Owner of any of the terms of this Agreement.

    8. This agreement shall be for an initial term of one (1) month from the date of this Agreement and shall continue thereafter until terminated by either the Owner or the Agent at any time by the giving of not less than one (1) month’s written notice to the other, without prejudice to the rights or either party against the other.
    9. If a dispute between the Owner and KITT shall arise affecting or concerning either the safety of the tenant or the tenancy premises, and such dispute cannot be resolved to KITT’s satisfaction, then KITT at KITT’s sole discretion may terminate this management agreement forthwith by giving written notice to the Owner.

    10. Notices may be delivered to the Agent either by email to or at KITT Property Management Limited, 20 Leithbank, Dunedin. Notices may be delivered to the Owner by email or by delivery to the last address provided by written notice to the Agent. Any notice so delivered shall be sufficient notice for all purposes under this Agreement

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Camille Ballour

Associate Property Manager (Auckland)

Maggie Castro

Virtual Assistant

Lyndsey McKinley

Associate Property Manager (Wellington)

Joshua Woo

General Counsel

Josh is in charge of capital raising, exit and other corporate transactions. He has close to a decade of transactional experience, including listing a few companies on the NZX, over 50 capital raises, and business sales and purchases of all sizes. Josh also helps companies to set up ESOPs, shareholders’ agreements, financing and commercial contracts and more.

Josh is one of the solicitors approved by the NZX to provide opinions on listed entity governing documents. Outside of JW Legal, Josh is the legal advisor to TEDxAuckland and also a volunteer lawyer at the Auckland Central Citizens Advice Bureau.

Daniel Raats

Digital Marketing Partner

Co-Founder of digital marketing agency Digitella, Daniel brings his skills to KITT to ensure success in all things digital. A certified Google & Semrush partner working with eCommerce and Tech companies across APAC, his specialty lies in marrying PPC & SEO results to achieve search engine success. With the wider experience of the Digitella team at his disposal, they bring an additional 10+ years of experience to the table.

When not wrangling data, you’ll find him at his local basketball court in Wellington, identifying constellations, and taking his scooter for a spin (not necessarily all at the same time).

Dana Koliadiuk

Marketing Manager

Dana comes to KITT with experience working throughout NZ and Canada as a marketing manager – from digital and web development, to PR, events, and producing creative shoots, she knows what it takes to blend strategy, creative thinking, technical innovation, and production to create campaigns that resonate and inspire change.

When she’s not working, she’s happily soaking up the Queenstown lifestyle ski touring, biking, sampling Central Otago pinots, and beginning her Private Pilot’s License.

James Elliott

Chief Executive Officer

James comes from a background in marketing, business improvement, and web development, having spent many years with marketing agencies in the UK in the consulting sphere. He has a particular knack for taking old systems and revamping them to be technologically integrated, and give better results.

James began investing in residential real estate in 2009, rapidly building a reasonably large portfolio. He understands the innate needs and problems faced by property investors within New Zealand.

James also owned the New Zealand franchise for Getting Things Done, hosting workshops and helping individuals and other businesses to improve their processes, get better connections with their customers, and deliver better service. He credits GTD as the enabling magic that allows him to spin so many plates in managing systems and complex organisations.

Originally joining KITT in 2017 as an advisor and angel investor, James helped the team understand the needs of a property investor for the software being built at the time. When KITT pivoted to being a full-service property management company, he came on board as a business advisor and CMO, and eventually stepped into the CEO seat. Having intimate knowledge of the brand, process, customers, and industry so well, coupled with his relevant experience, made the transition a no-brainer, and he’s been KITT’s fearless leader ever since.

Outside of work you’ll find James on the water, spending time with his partner and his son. He loves boating, skiing, crossfit, and is an avid tramper.

Megan Blok

Associate Property Manager (Hamilton)

Stephan Jenner

Chief Information Officer

Passionate about organisational and individual productivity, Stephan’s focus is not only on getting things done, but getting the right things done at the right time, which invites a holistic approach to success and achievement. He leads the team building the tools and automation that make KITT work.

He’s also an owner of SelfOrg Consulting, a new breed management consulting firm, and Future Logic, an Australian-based IT services company – making him a 20+ year veteran of Managed IT Services.

Stephan is a certified Coach and trainer in Holacracy, Getting Things Done (GTD) and Making a Difference. When he’s not busy organising he can be found behind the BBQ and was crowned WA Tongmaster in 2011 and went on to compete in 2012 at the Annual Capital BBQ Cook-off in Lexington, North Carolina.

His dream is to one-day combine business retreats, BBQ-ing and his love of tropical destinations under one beach umbrella.

Nicole Wallace

Associate Property Manager (West Auckland)

Nicole has had experience in the property industry for over 6 years, having been a landlord since 2016, and buying and renovating properties. Prior to joining KITT as the Associate Property Manager for West Auckland, Nicole spent 11 years working for a government department screening passengers for possible threats and border breaches at an International Airport.

When not working, Nicole enjoys getting out on the water around Auckland with her family; water skiing, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.

Chris Jenkins

Associate Property Manager (Nelson)

Chris has a long and successful track record in the hospitality, real estate and property management industries. Originally from the UK, Chris moved to New Zealand and settled in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty where she initially continued with her career in hospitality. By the early 2000s she was a well-respected real estate agent and had moved from a role as salesperson into sales management, then into property management in 2011.

Chris moved south to Mapua in 2021 with husband Bryan, dog Lulu and cat Dexter, to be nearer her children and grandchildren – and is enjoying the Southern hospitality and outdoor activities.

Cia McLeod

Associate Property Manager (Timaru)

Cia has worked and travelled across Canada and the UK, before resettling in Auckland. Her experience in the property industry has varied from managing estates and looking after assets and property – to helping kiwis into their first homes with Westpac.

She joins the KITT team to manage inspections and viewings in Timaru, where she lives with her daughter, two cats, and two dogs.

Debbie Snijman​

Associate Property Manager (Tauranga)

Debbie was the owner of a successful educational publishing and printing company in South Africa for 26 years, where she also managed properties. During this time she grew to love the property market, and the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people on a daily basis. After moving to New Zealand 5 years ago, she is now a KITT property manager based in Tauranga, offering exceptional customer service as she manages inspections and viewings locally.

Debbie loves animals, propagating her plants, reading, and travelling – especially now that the world is opening up once again!

Linda Turner

Associate Property Manager (Wellington)​

Linda joins KITT with an extensive skillset in administration, banking, customer service, rental and property management, dedication, enthusiasm and excellent worth ethics. And of course, buying and selling property.

As a seasoned team member, and after 28 years in the industry, Linda has a proven ability to attract the right landlords and tenants and achieve the best outcome possible for the property owners.

Linda lives a rural lifestyle and has a hobby of collecting livestock, ranging from alpacas, sheep, goats, cats, dog and chickens

Peter Kearns

Associate Property Manager (Christchurch)

Peter has been in property management on and off for 15 years. He joins KITT as the Christchurch Associate Property Manager with a well-rounded background, having worked full-portfolio management and experience in property tribunals.

With his extensive experience in the industry, and a background as an editor for a UK book publisher, Peter blends his skillset to write all KITT tenancy ads across the country.

Peter is also passionate about the music business, having been involved for 25 years – mostly in NZ, but with some work in L.A. and quite a bit of long-distance production and recording work with people in the US and UK.

Andy Hammerich

Associate Property Manager (Dunedin)

Andy comes from sunny Mount Maunganui, where he likes to spend most of his time around the beach. Here he started his professional life as a land surveyor, providing valuable time management and self direction skills, as well as opportunities to speak with project managers, planners, contractors and the general public confidently. 

Andy decided to leave Mount Maunganui and challenge himself by studying at the University of Otago, where he is finishing up a double major in Ecology and Zoology, and working with KITT as the Associate Property Manager for the Dunedin region. Much less time is spent at the beach these days, however new hobbies have been picked up in kickboxing, music, and a growing interest in snowboarding.

Dana Cosgrove

Associate Property Manager (Palmerston North)

Siobhan Bonner

Client Account Manager

Siobhan has been working in the Property Management field for ten years, and brings her expertise from various companies to KITT, managing maintenance for properties across New Zealand.​

Alexis Tan​

Tenancy Manager​

Alexis has worked as an operations manager for 5 years in the real estate industry, managing different construction projects and brands, and liaising with client accounts, suppliers, and partners – and providing great customer service to them.

During COVID, she widened her work experience by joining companies in the US, Australia and New Zealand as a property manager.

Maria Deposoy​

Property Administrator​

Maria is a Property Management Administrator and Virtual Assistant with over 6 years of experience in the industry. She has provided assistance to clients in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Her strengths lie in performing various property management tasks such as processing applications, onboarding properties, preparation of lease agreements and addendums, lease renewals, move-in/move-out, schedule inspections, tenant and owner communication, billing, and other administrative tasks.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, reading books, and baking.

Jane Anderson​

Associate Property Manager (Christchurch)

Jane conducts inspections and viewings in South Christchurch and organises listings and viewings across the country.

Hannah Pingkian

Trust Account Administrator

As an accountant with KITT Property Management, Hannah specialises in recording day-to-day transactions for rents, bills, and system migration. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, creating an impact on the team, and the humility to learn the work processes. Hannah enjoys traveling to different places to experience new cultures, time with family, and staying creative. 

Michelle Frew

Service Delivery Manager

Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to KITT, with over 18 years of experience in Property Management. Over the years she has been the general manager of a top property management company, and a shareholder and office manager in another well-known property management company.

After many years in the field, Michelle could see that many changes were needed within the industry, and found KITT to be forward thinking, with innovative ideas for the future of Property Management. She is a systems-focused person, and prides herself on a thorough knowledge of the RTA and its amendments. 

Michelle has a passion for property, and this is reflected in her consistent, high calibre work. She enjoys spending quality time with her family – and living in a small North Canterbury town means she appreciates the feeling of community, and the need for quiet reflective down time.

Scott Mason


Scott is a Managing Partner at Findex, a member of the NZICA’s Tax Advisory group and an advisor to many NZ start ups.

Rodel Carbon

Video Editor

Rodel has been in the multimedia industry for over a decade working in local events, corporate projects, documentaries and tourism projects. Covid led Rodel to discover new opportunities in his craft, and he successfully niched himself as a freelance remote video editor for different US based clients, before beginning to work with KITT across editing and creative direction for brand videos.

When not at work, Rodel enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his friends, and is passionate about documenting and bringing awareness to life in the Philippines for remote communities.

Haroon Ahmad

Full Stack Developer

Haroon is a highly skilled full-stack developer with over 6 years of experience in the industry and a proven track record of success. He has completed 450+ projects, gaining a wealth of experience and a strong understanding of various industries and business needs.

Haroon has a strong background in developing and maintaining web applications using a variety of technologies including WordPress, Nextjs, Shopify, Vue, Angular, and React. He is well-versed in front-end and back-end development and deeply understands software design principles. 

Sarah Day

Business Analyst

Sarah’s background is in business reporting and analysis for various Government agencies, and she joins KITT to perform a range of advisory and analyst roles, helping us to better understand our business and how we are serving our customers.

Her superpower lies in finding a way to measure the immeasurable and intangibles, and turn this data into powerful information for the businesses she works with.

She adores her schnauzer Benny, and in her free time you’ll find Sarah snowboarding, tramping, being out in nature in general, and Kea spotting (her favourite NZ native bird, no prizes for guessing who gets her vote for Bird of the Year annually).

Welkin Galindez

Technical Copywriter

Welkin has written documentation for some of the most prominent global technology firms. She is the technical copywriter at KITT, and as such, she is in charge of producing and overseeing all of the company’s user manuals, as well as its knowledge base documentation, for both internal and external audiences.

Welkin likes to take time for herself, so she frequently spends her days off at home, where she may try to complete unfinished story scripts, catch up on reading, watch movies or TV shows, or listen to music.

Glen Anderson


Glen spent 11 years at Google, nearly 5 of those working in the Machine Learning team. Since then he’s become a venture partner at Monta Vista Capital in Palo Alto, CA.

Sarah Ramsay


Sarah is a prominant figure in New Zealand’s start up ecosystem holding the chair at StartUp Dunedin. She also runs both United Machinists and Immerson Ventures. 

Michelle Frew

Service Delivery Manager

Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge to KITT, with over 18 years of experience in Property Management. Over the years she has been the general manager of a top property management company, and more recently, a shareholder and office manager in another well-known property management company.

After many years in the field, Michelle could see that many changes were needed within the industry, and found KITT to be forward thinking, with innovative ideas for the future of Property Management. She is a systems-focused person, and prides herself on a thorough knowledge of the RTA and its amendments. 

Michelle has a passion for property and Property Management, and this is reflected in her consistent, high calibre work. With a strong family bond, she enjoys spending quality time with her family – and living in a small North Canterbury town means she appreciates the feeling of community, and the need for quiet reflective down time.