Those agencies will normally charge you a percentage of rents (typically between 8 and 11%) and then add on fees for other things. Then they hide the fact that their prices exclude GST, so you pay even more. Usually, it ends up costing owners $2000 to $4000 a year to have a property managed! Unlike these agencies, we charge a fee of just $10 per week to manage your property, regardless of how much it rents for. When we do inspections or lettings, we charge for those separately, because we think you should only pay for the work we actually do.

With KITT you have a dedicated Property Manager who you can contact with any issues, but you also get access to a dedicated team of specialists to provide support when you need it.

Because we took a new approach to building a property management company, you get the best of both worlds. We NEVER compromise on service, so it’s always going to be at least as good as you would get with a traditional manager. But our platforms allow us to provide a level of personalised, round the clock service that traditional agencies can’t come close to!

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